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carbs are not as bad as saturated fat, but...
I am a huge carb lover. In the past in one sitting, I have performed magic with an entire
bag of Guiltless Gourmet Baked Tortilla Chips, or a whole box of just about any cereal. More than once at a restaurant before getting my entree, they put a basket of especially tasty bread in front of me, guessed it: I was full by the time the entree arrived!

But, carbs are not so good for you for many reasons. One, many carbs in foods made from refined flour have a high glycemic index, making you fat. Also, refined carbs are a relatively inflammatory and oxidizing food. High carb intake over years have been linked to increased risk of Alzheimer's Disease.

Over the years, I have developed a diet and exercise routine which has kept my body fat percentage low enough that I can see my abdominal muscles. So, when I make a change in diet or exercise, I can see the difference, much like a control and variable scientific experiment. If I significantly increase the proportion of refined carbs versus whole-grain carbs or protein, I immediately gain weight above my normal range.

okay to indulge before and after an intense workout
I will note from the start that the advice in this paragraph assumes that you are going to perform an exercise activity that is intense for you. That said, you need carbs to fuel a sufficiently powerful workout. Even if your goal is to lose weight, if you lack the energy to finish a one-hour workout because you did not eat enough carbs beforehand, then that is counter-productive. This is especially true in anaerobic workouts such as sprinting and weight lifting. Therefore, you are encouraged to eat foods, not from the RightCarbs list, with a high proportion of carbs before and after your workout

The bigger muscles you have built with the extra available glucose will raise your overall metabolism as compared to the smaller muscles you built if you did not have as much energy. Those bigger muscles will continue burning calories long after the workout. In other words, a person at rest who has 100 lbs. of muscle mass in their body will burn more calories than a person with 50 lbs. of muscle mass.

the right carbs
So, are there any foods that can satisfy your carb cravings without doing the weight and other health damage? Thankfully yes, and below is my list that I have compiled over the years.

The key difference in each of these carb-containing foods is the proportion of each nutrition component. Ideal proportions are as follows, in simple terms: total carbohydrate (TC) low, sugar component of total carbohydrate (SC) low, fiber component of total carbohydrate (FC) high but not uncomfortably high (if you know what I mean), fat (F) neutral since this can be beneficial or detrimental, and protein (P) high.

The RightCarbs selections come with a score (higher number is better). Just for comparison, Wonder™ brand Regular Enriched white bread has a score of - (yes negative) 2.6. Yuck...not recommended! (TC 69%, SC 11%, FC 3%, F 6%, P 11%.)

the RightCarbs list (click on hyperlink for recommended source)
lavash, especially Handmade Whole Wheat Flaxseed Lavash by ITC of California and sold at Whole Foods (TC 40%, SC 0%, FC 24%, F 12%, P 24%. RightCarbs score: 12.4)
whole-grain tortillas, especially Tumaro's Low in Carbs 8-Inch Tortillas (TC 41%, SC 3%, FC 25%, F 8%, P 22%. RightCarbs score: 11.3)
beans, especially:

soy (TC 30%, SC 7%, FC 7%, F 20%, P 37%.
RightCarbs score: 9.5)
lentils (TC 58%, SC 4%, FC 14%, F 0%, P 24%.
RightCarbs score: 7.3)
kidney, such as 365 Organic brand Kidney Beans sold at Whole Foods (TC 59%, SC 3%, FC 13%, F 0%, P 25%.
RightCarbs score: 7.3)
garbanzos/chickpeas (TC 52%, SC 10%, FC 16%, F 5%, P 17%. RightCarbs score: 4.4)
organic Puffed Kamut by Arrowhead Mills (TC 69%, SC 0%, FC 13%, F 0%, P 19%. RightCarbs score: 5.9)
soy chips (TC 57%, SC 7%, FC 7%, F 7%, P 23%. RightCarbs score: 4.2)
wheat germ, such as Bob's Red Mill brand (TC 49%, SC 11%, FC 11%, F 8%, P 22%. RightCarbs score: 4.1)
certain whole-grain breads with the correct proportions

Fiber especially has a multitude of health benefits. It has been proven to lower blood cholesterol levels. Individuals who eat higher amounts of fiber than the general population have lower rates of colon cancer. It absorbs water, making you feel fuller longer, staving off feelings of hunger a bit. All of the foods on the ChampHealth RightCarbs list above are good or great sources of fiber.

All material provided on the Web site is provided for informational or educational purposes only. Consult a physician regarding the applicability of our opinions or recommendations with respect to your symptoms or medical condition.
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lentils (Lens culinaris)
One of nature's most perfect foods, and a carb desire satisfier
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