One way to get your daily water requirement.

Seeking a good-tasting drink that is healthy and non-caloric? Water alternatives.

Probably you have heard that drinking eight to 12 glasses of water each day is the healthy thing to do. But, you may find that so bland to drink day in and day out, year after year. If so, here is a guide to help you in your quest for tasty, non-caloric drinks besides water.

drinks to avoid

aspartame and Nutrasweet® brand
Diet soft drinks such as Diet Pepsi® and Diet Coke® contain aspartame, a known excitotoxin. Read one writer's story on aspartame's toxicity.

drinks containing sugars
Drinks with sugars, such as juice, sports drinks, and soft drinks are not so healthy for you: They have extra, empty calories, produce a negative effect on blood glucose and insulin response, and are linked to weight gain.

The exception for serious athletes only is to drink a high-glycemic index drink immediately before or after an intense athletic performance. Studies have shown greater next-day performance for athletes who took a glucose drink immediately after an intense workout.

But if you are not working the same muscles the next day, save the calories. Instead, eat a banana, another fruit, or an energy bar with water. You will still get a glucose reload. But unlike sugar drinks, the mass and fiber content will give you a fuller feeling for a longer period of time. That will help you to take in less calories overall, and help you to reduce your fat percentage.

safe, natural, non-caloric water alternatives

tea: a few of the many benefits

Various types of tea and herbal infusions (also called tisanes) have well-documented, powerful health benefits.
You can find a great variety of flavors.
On a chilly day, a hot cup of tea is very satisfying (or on a hot day, iced tea).

squeeze me
Another healthy, tasty drink choice is homemade lemon juice or lime juice. Simply squeeze a half a lemon or lime into a glass and add water.

fresh and fizzy
Try soda water, also known as seltzer water. In your local grocery store look for naturally flavored, unsweetened seltzer water such as Seagram’s, Canada Dry, Syfo, or the grocery's house brand.

stevia water
If you have a sweet-tooth, try sweetening any drink, even plain water, with stevia.

You may find that any of these drinks tastes good enough to easily get your daily recommended water intake. If you really are a variety lover, rotate among the choices to keep things "fresh". You may never tire again of downing all those ounces.

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fresh green tea leaves

fresh green tea leaves


free Gevalia coffee or tea and coffeemaker/tea brewer

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